Understanding The Constitution


What is the Constitution? Simplified Definition: The US Constitution was written to establish the basic principles of the legal, political and economic systems of the new nation of America. The US Constitution is the basic framework for the system of Government in the USA and its adoption led to the creation of the US Congress.

Why do we have a constitution? The purpose of the US Constitution, and the six functions of government, are described in the Preamble (the opening statement).

The purpose of the US Constitution prescribing the government of America was designed to ensure the happiness and well being of American citizens. Without the Constitution, governmental power would not be defined or limited and the rights of all citizens would not be protected.

The purpose of the US Constitution is:

1. To ” Form a more perfect union” – The union is solidly structured and everlasting

2. To “Establish justice” – A system to hear complaints and resolve issues

3. To “Ensure domestic tranquility” – To live without fear in a peaceful community

4. To “Provide for the common defense” – Citizens will be protected from attacks by enemies

5. To “Promote the general welfare” – Government policies will benefit all of the people

6. To “Secure the blessings of liberty” – Present and future generations will enjoy independence and freedom.