Could medical marijuana be a solution to the opioid epidemic?

Medical marijuana users in Illinois report that their use of the substance to relieve pain has lessened or stopped their use of other prescription medications such as opioids, as reported by The Daily Mail. The small-scale study from DePaul University and Rush University suggests it could be a solution to the opioid crisis.


Ben Garrison: “The Human Casting Couch”

Political correctness and the left ruin everything they touch.

Social justice warriors inject their PC thinking into professional football in an attempt to tame men. We have amplified worries about concussions and roughing. The players are also decorated with pink ribbons during ‘breast cancer awareness’ month. They have increased penalties and examined nearly every play in order to make everything ‘fair.’

Vegas Shooting: Mandalay Bay Security Guard Bolts, FBI Wipes Witnesses Phones, Timelines Change, And Now, Eyewitness To Multiple Shooters Found Dead In Bed

The Mandalay Bay security guard shot by Stephen Paddock, Jesus Campos disappears just moments before scheduled to give an interview, Route 91 witnesses and vendors are claiming the FBI gave them their phones and laptops and other devices after completely wiping them of all images and messages from October 1, 2017, the night of the Vegas massacre where over 50 people were slaughtered and nearly 500 others injured, and now a 28 year woman that described how she and her friends ran for their lives that devastating night, saying that “Bullets were coming from every direction,” was found dead in her bed on Monday.