Cannabinoids can successfully kill leukemia cells, reveals groundbreaking new study

A recent study published in International Journal of Oncology revealed that cannabinoids, the active chemical in cannabis, can destroy leukemia cells either alone or in combination with other cancer treatments. The scientific community has long-established that cannabinoids may show potential in cancer treatment, with certain varieties known to promote cell death, curb cell growth, and inhibit tumor-inducing blood vessel development. In order to evaluate the compound’s efficacy against leukemia, a team of researchers at the St George’s, University of London studied cancer cells in a laboratory and tested various combinations of cannabinoids and chemotherapy drugs such as cytarabine and vincristine.

Is the secret to “beast mode” as simple as fasting?

What happens to the brain (and body) when you abstain from all kinds of food or drink over a specific period of time is quite interesting. You’d think that being hungry would make you grumpy, weak, and unable to even lift a finger. It’s possible especially if you’ve conditioned your mind to feel that way in the absence of food but what really happens is that your body will go on survival mode.

Retail Apocalypse Engulfs U.S. Economy

You may not see it yet, but the scale of the retail apocalypse is so massive that it is about to engulf the US economy. As when a flood tide has crept around you on all sides while you were standing on a high spot out on the flats, not paying attention, you can look up now and see it all around you, and it is coming in rapidly. You can now feel the current under your toes.

Pastor Warns World Rushing Full Speed Ahead Into War And ‘Apocalyptic Chaos’ – THIS Is How The Globalists Can Kill Off 270 Million Americans And Billions Around The World

In this new story just published over at the Express they report Russia has promised to target US-backed troops in Syria after the US downed a Syrian warplane, just the latest evidence we’re getting that World War 3 and potential nuclear annihilation for hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of people around the world may still be on the table. While some experts are warning a global conflict that leads to the Apocalypse may be closer now than ever before, according to others, the rise of ISIS and the many recent earthquakes are foreshadowing the coming destruction of our planet.