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Study: Cybercriminals are feeding off of America’s small businesses

A study released by data security solutions firm Datto, found that small-to-mid-sized businesses paid $301 million in ransomware – or malicious software that blocks access to a system until a ransom is paid – to hackers last year alone. The company said 5% of all small-to-mid sized businesses across the globe fell victim to a ransomware attack in 2016.


‘HELL’S COUTURE’ ON DISPLAY: Satanic Fashion Show Inside a Church at London Fashion Week

Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu’s presented her Spring/Summer 2018 collection at London Fashion Week and it was nothing less than a satanic Black Mass. Indeed, the event took place at the altar of St Andrew Church in London and incorporated heavy occult and satanic symbolism. In short, the event summed up everything the fashion world is truly about.

WikiLeaks Releases Russian Mass Surveillance System Documents

The whistleblowing group WikiLeaks has released new documents that the group claims outlines a mass surveillance system used by the Russian state to spy on Internet and mobile device users. The latest release, titled “Spy Files,” claims that a well-known Russian company that provides software to telecommunication companies is also, under state orders, installing infrastructure enabling the Russian government to spy on citizen’s digital activity.

The New Canaanite DNA Discoveries Actually Confirm the Biblical Narrative

There was a spate of headlines last week claiming that new scientific discoveries disproved the historical narrative of the Bible. Headlines included, “DNA vs the Bible: Israelites did not wipe out the Canaanites” and “Study disproves the Bible’s suggestion that the ancient Canaanites were wiped out.” Actually, the reverse is true: The discoveries confirm just what the Scriptures state.

NANNY STATE: Canadian government app gives you points for eating well and making better health decisions

Well, it looks like at least one government is trying to do its best to improve the health prospects of its citizens. The Canadian government has just announced the launch of an app which will reward users with loyalty points for making healthier lifestyle choices. While the scheme is far from perfect, and several potential issues immediately spring to mind – like potential government overreach, loss of privacy, and possible incorrect health advice like “low fat and artificial sweeteners are healthy options” – at least the government has recognized the need to prevent lifestyle diseases rather than throwing pills at the problem.