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Thanks To Jihad: You Can’t Even Get A Big Mac In Central Paris Without Going Through A Security Check

Some 50,000 police and military personnel have been deployed across France during the run-up to Sunday’s election. Groups of armed police are seen patrolling the streets, walking through the metro trains and simply hanging out inside stores and restaurants in Paris. The situation is so tense, people are not even allowed to enter a McDonald’s restaurant on Champs-Elysees — the famous street where one officer lost his life in a terror attack Thursday — without having their bags searched for suspicious items.

Another Evangelical Christian Denounces Biblical God, Embraces Cloudeaters Gospel As Religious Transhumanism Gathers Momentum As In The Days Of Noah

I first read Ray Kurzweil’s book, The Age of Spiritual Machines, in 2006, a few years after I dropped out of Bible school and stopped believing in God. I was living alone in Chicago’s southern industrial sector and working nights as a cocktail waitress. I was not well. Beyond the people I worked with, I spoke to almost no one. I clocked out at three each morning, went to after-hours bars, and came home on the first train of the morning, my head pressed against the window so as to avoid the spectre of my reflection appearing and disappearing in the blackened glass.

Experts BAFFLED by the discovery of HUNDREDS of mysterious tunnels in Brazil

Hundreds of tunnels—which date back at least 10,000 years—have been discovered in Brazil. Some of the tunnels feature mysterious claw marks’ on the walls. “There’s no geological process in the world that produces long tunnels with a circular or elliptical cross-section, which branch and rise and fall, with claw marks on the walls,” says a geologist. “I’ve [also] seen dozens of caves that have inorganic origins, and in these cases, it’s very clear that digging animals had no role in their creation.”