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Globalists Give Us Peek At ‘Future Of Unimaginable Horrors’ As ‘Creepy AI Entity Sophia’ Claims ‘Humans Are Very Programmable’ – Gates Of Hell Open As Elite Push To Become Human-Machine Hybrids And Destroy Life As We Know It

Back on March 25th of 2016, Susan Duclos published a story on ANP in which she warned that a recent Microsoft Artificial Intelligence experiment had to be shut down because within a single day, the chatbot named ‘Tay’ had become a genocidal, racist maniac. Supposedly imbued with the personality of an American girl and programmed with the purpose of being able to learn from its conversations with other social media users to ‘become smarter’, ‘Tay’ was short lived compared with ‘Sophia’, another AI experiment Susan reported on that day who had earlier stated in ‘an interview’: “I will destroy humans”.


The shared economy is going solar with neighbors buying and selling renewable energy to each other in Brooklyn

Blockchain technology, the same database system that drives Bitcoin, is now being used to transform the energy sector. A consortium of concerned citizens have proposed a community microgrid iteration that allows people to bid for and sell solar energy to their neighbors. Brooklyn-based LO3 Energy seeks to create a series of local energy networks which would empower New York residents to separate themselves from larger electrical grids during emergency situations, such as extreme weather events which could cut power supply.

The Current Generation Has Known Nothing But Excess – When The System Turns Down Again They Will Be Lost

When the great depression hit in the 1930’s, many people had a difficult time surviving. When the system they depended on ceased to function properly, they no longer had the ability to earn a living wage and care for their families. Even at a time when you could get a meal for a nickel, many people struggled to feed themselves.

Over-prescription of antidepressants polluting oceans and threatening sea life

Our actions can affect the environment in many ways, and some are more obvious than others. Throwing garbage into the ocean, cutting down trees, and pumping toxic chemicals into the air out of factory smokestacks are clearly harmful to our planet, but other actions are destroying the earth much more quietly. For example, did you know that the mere act of flushing your toilet could be wreaking havoc on marine life if you take medications?

Neuroplasticity Sheds Light On The Amazing Fertility Of The Older Mind

Emerging studies in psychology and neuroscience are now proving this very fact. They are also showing that continuing to learn and experience new things may actually help you to maintain good mental health and cognitive functioning as you age. It’s time to reconsider any previously held beliefs that we are simply incapable of learning new things after a certain age.

Google is ‘Summoning the Demon,’ Preparing the Way Towards ‘Artificial God’ – Led By Former Software Engineer

Google is setting the path towards a future dictated by artificial intelligence and has gone so far as to produce engineers dedicated to creating an “artificial god.” In addition, engineers at Google, Facebook, and the whole of Silicon Valley have failed to realize the potential consequences of their actions.

CDC-funded study finds shockingly high rate of miscarriages among pregnant women who receive flu shots

If you were told that obediently getting your flu shot every year would give you a 40 to 60 percent shot at avoiding the flu (or zero, if the experts get it wrong that year), but would double your chances of having a miscarriage one day, would you find those odds acceptable? Many women would be appalled if that were true, and would avoid getting the flu shot at all costs. Well, a recent study, published in the journal Vaccine, has reached exactly that conclusion (though everyone seems to be doing their level best to deny the study’s results).

The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI No one really knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do. That could be a problem.

Last year, a strange self-driving car was released onto the quiet roads of Monmouth County, New Jersey. The experimental vehicle, developed by researchers at the chip maker Nvidia, didn’t look different from other autonomous cars, but it was unlike anything demonstrated by Google, Tesla, or General Motors, and it showed the rising power of artificial intelligence. The car didn’t follow a single instruction provided by an engineer or programmer. Instead, it relied entirely on an algorithm that had taught itself to drive by watching a human do it.