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UN plan to ‘mark’ world population

“They are going to identify every human, all 7 billion or however many by that time, on the planet for the purposes of … ‘peace and security,’” he said. “Now we have this global institution, the United Nations, saying: ‘Hey, I know what we could use this technology for! We could identify, put it in a big computer database, and we could mark every person on the planet, track them, take care of them, watch over them, grant them peace and security, grant them financial security, and all of these wonderful things. We’d have a utopia on Earth! Let’s mark everybody.’”

Designer Babies And The Chilling Echoes Of Eugenics

Imagine a world where, for the right price, you can guarantee that your children won’t have any genetic defects, that they will be tall, strong, resistant to disease, symmetrical, and intelligent, all through a simple medical procedure. Now imagine that not everyone can afford this procedure. What do you think will happen after a couple of generations? The “normal” people, unaltered by genetic modification, will not possibly be able to compete with the supermen and women created by science.

Self-Replicating “DNA Computers” Are Set to Change Everything

Computers have without a doubt revolutionized modern society. They’re everywhere: our offices and homes, our pockets — even in our kitchen appliances. As for the next place computer technology could be headed, you already have the basic component: your DNA. It sounds strange, but researchers at the University of Manchester are working on turning strands of DNA into the next basis for computing.