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Astronauts who take long trips to space return with brains that have floated to the top of their skulls

This small population of space travelers has given researchers a rare look at what happens to the human body when it’s able to spend significant amount of time outside the downward pull of the Earth.This week, a study on one of the largest groups of astronauts yet—a whopping 34 participants—was published (paywall) in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Declassified Docs Show CIA Poisoned Entire Town with LSD in Massive Mind-Control Experiment

For decades, after a French village was struck by mass insanity and hallucinations in 1951, it was widely believed that a local bakery’s flour had become contaminated by ergot, a poisonous fungus that occurs naturally on rye and causes hallucinations. However, a discovery by an investigative journalist doing research for a book about the incident uncovered damning evidence that the village’s food was intentionally contaminated with LSD as part of a secret CIA mind control experiment.

iPhone X review

The iPhone X was a huge gamble from Apple, but one that really paid off. Losing the home button and altering the design was a dangerous move, but one that was sorely needed after years of similarity and the premium design, extra power, all-screen front mix together to create – by far – the best iPhone Apple’s ever made. It’s impossible to give a perfect score to something that costs this much – but this is the closest to smartphone perfection Apple has ever got.

Stephen Hawking: ‘AI Robots Will Replace Humans Someday’

In a recent interview with WIRED magazine, Stephen Hawking stated his belief that one day, artificial intelligence will reach the level where it will essentially be a “new form of life that will outperform humans.” Hawking reportedly said, “I fear that A.I. may replace humans altogether. If people design computer viruses, someone will design A.I. that improves and replicates itself. This will be a new form of life that outperforms humans.”

Google, Technocrats and Partners Building First Ever Tech-Centered, Post-human Urban Lab

With so many citizens across the globe continually relocating to cities near and far, it is safe to say that the future world will be designed around establishing megacities across the planet. Thanks to re-urbanization, modern infrastructure is barely holding on. Google and others seek to take hold of this opportunity and create metropolises around technology, instead of manufacturing technology around human development.

AI Producing Short Horror Stories…

As the Shelley AI website describes, the operating principle seems to be human-AI collaboration. Ahead of last year’s Halloween, the team behind the algorithm developed Nightmare Machine, AI-generated horror imagery designed to both analyze and elicit extreme emotions in human observers. This year they asked an almost hauntingly prophetic question related to artificial intelligence: “Can machines learn to scare us?”

After Death, You’re Aware That You’ve Died, Say Scientists (TDI-note: TURN TO CHRIST, THESE SCIENTISTS WILL LEAD YOU ASTRAY)

Time of death is considered when a person has gone into cardiac arrest. This is the cessation of the electrical impulse that drive the heartbeat. As a result, the heart locks up. The moment the heart stops is considered time of death. But does death overtake our mind immediately afterward or does it slowly creep in?

Vaccine industry in panic as scientific study solves the riddle of why flu shots don’t work

The flu shot is a quack science medical hoax. While some vaccines do confer immunization effectiveness, the flu shot isn’t one of them. Recent studies, for example, have proven that flu shots sharply weaken immunity in subsequent years following immunization. In some years, the flu shot viral strains are completely wrong, offering no immunity at all to influenza strains circulating in the world. Even when flu shots are the “right” strain, flu vaccine insert sheets readily admit the shots have not been subjected to double blind placebo controlled studies, and there is no legitimate scientific evidence whatsoever that supports the claim that each year’s flu vaccine confers meaningful immunity.

China leaps ahead of USA on quantum computing research; could spell end to encryption, demolishing crypto currencies and national security

Quantum communications is considered by many to be the future of computing technology, as it represents a means by which to create “un-hackable” super-computer networks that perform better and more securely than anything currently in use. But the greatest advancements in this next-level technology are reportedly taking place in China, not in the United States, which could mean the end of encryption as we currently know it – and the end of cryptocurrency security as well.

IT’S ALIVE: The New Religions Obsessed with A.I. Yes, not only is A.I. potentially taking all of our jobs, but it’s also changing religion. REV:13-15-‘And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast’

Science fiction, however, is quickly becoming science fact—the future is the machine. This is leading many to argue that we need to anticipate the ethical questions now, rather than when it is too late. And increasingly, those taking up these challenges are religious and spiritual.