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Will GOP Congress Fund ‘Humanized Mice’ Made From Aborted-Baby Organs?

If you pay federal taxes, you have been funding the creation of “humanized mice” implanted with tissues taken from aborted babies.


30 Year NSA Employee Shares Why They Are Watching You & It Has Nothing To Do With Terrorism

William Binney is a former high ranking intelligence official with the National Security Agency (NSA). He is one of the highest placed intelligence officials to ever blow the whistle on insider NSA ‘knowings.’ He made headlines when he resigned in 2001 after 9/11, having worked more than thirty years for the agency. He was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold war, and was repelled by the United States’ massive surveillance programs.

Report: FBI told Sessions he didn’t need to disclose foreign contacts for clearance

The FBI informed an aide to Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he did not need to reveal his foreign contacts that took place while he was carrying out official duties as a U.S. senator, backing up the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) explanation for why Sessions didn’t disclose his contacts with the Russian ambassador on security clearance forms, CNN reported on Sunday.

Islamic Rage Across Planet May Leave America In The ‘Bulls Eye’ – Remember! Obama Prevented Investigations Of Mosques And Islamic Terror Training Camps Across Country During His Reign!

On Friday, one of the lead stories linked to by the Drudge Report at The Sun titled “Rage Around The World” reports Jerusalem riots will spread globally after the terror group Hamas promised a ‘day of rage’ over President Trump’s embassy move. With furious protesters joining rallies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Syria and even the US to condemn Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel, the massive opposition to Trump’s plans include Pope Francis who claimed “maintaining the status quo was important ‘in order to avoid adding new elements of tension to an already volatile world that is wracked by so many cruel conflicts”.

CNN caught in the most epic FAKE NEWS fail we’ve seen yet… and they still refuse to fully retract their blatant lie

CNN was just caught in the most epic fake news fail we’ve ever witnessed, pushing out an utterly false piece of fake news that got a crucial date wrong, then using the wrong date to falsely declare that Trump colluded with Wikileaks on behalf of the Russians. In one of the most embarrassing and pathetic examples of shoddy journalism the world has ever seen, CNN news-tards hyperventilated over the fake news and spread their falsehoods to millions of readers and viewers across multiple news networks, instilling utterly false information into the minds of Americans.

The EPA spent millions in taxpayer dollars to push climate change propaganda via social media

Recently, Judicial Watch was able to obtain 900 pages of documents from the Environmental Protection Agency that revealed, among other things, lawless behavior from the Obama administration. Specifically, the documents show that the EPA used a social media platform called Thunderclap, which allowed the agency to mass-share information regarding its policies in violation of federal law.