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FBI Changed Time of Weapons Theft to Deflect Suspicion Over Seth Rich has obtained a copy of the Washington Metropolitan D.C. Police Department report regarding the FBI vehicle burglarized on July 10, 2016, making it clear the incident was unrelated to the Seth Rich murder case, but also revealing that after WikiLeaks began publishing the DNC emails on July 22, the FBI changed the time of the vehicle break-in and weapons theft to a time before Seth Rich was killed on July 10, so as to link the two events and suggest his killers were the burglars who stole the FBI weapons from the car.

Trump Admin to Hit Iran With New Sanctions as Tehran Threatens Attacks on U.S. Bases

The Trump administration is expected to ratchet up pressure on Iran with a slew of new sanctions targeting the Islamic Republic’s illicit ballistic missile program and regional support for terrorism as the landmark Iranian nuclear deal hits its two-year anniversary, according to senior U.S. officials who deemed Iran in violation of the agreement’s “spirit.”

After doing the math, California ditches plan to provide universal health care to everyone…

After halting a suicidal plan to provide endless, no-cost “universal” health care to everyone — including undocumented non-citizens — Collapsifornia lawmakers are now receiving death threats from voters who are incredibly angry that the “gubment” won’t give them more free stuff. Those voters have essentially decided to start issuing death threats to certain California lawmakers who refuse to spend the state into fiscal oblivion.

Are Video Games Keeping Young Men Out of the Work Force?

That’s what researchers from Princeton University, the University of Chicago and the University of Rochester seem to be saying in a recent white paper. These scholars observe that between the years 2000 and 2015, young men (defined throughout the research as ages 21 to 30) have been working less. And they’re filling the majority of their extra free time looking at a screen, playing video games.