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65% of doctors are getting cash “kickbacks” from big pharma

The results of the study revealed that about 65% of the people surveyed had visited a doctor within the past year that had received payments or gifts from pharmaceutical or medical device […]


Common food additive linked to colon cancer and intestinal inflammation

They’re a staple ingredient in many processed foods, helping to maintain a food product’s texture and consistency while extending its shelf life. But chemical emulsifiers like polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose appear to be major driving factors in what many experts now admit are escalating rates of gastrointestinal disease and bowel cancer all around the world, a shocking new study has found.


When it comes to animal welfare, vegan leather is a big win, but its environmental impact has been heavily questioned, with many wondering which is worse for the planet — real or faux leather. Though every manufactured product comes with an environmental cost, there are many aspects involved in every phase of the production of both leather and faux leather that must be considered.

Forgiveness: A Pathway to Healing

What is forgiveness? And why do we have such a hard time forgiving? Perhaps it’s because we don’t truly grasp what it means to forgive. Focus on the Family’s Rose Sweet said, “Most of us assume that if we forgive our offenders, they are let off the hook — scot-free — and get to go about their merry ways while we unfairly suffer from their actions.” Of course, the offender doesn’t always get off “scot-free,” as he or she may have to face legal consequences and a loss of trust, since we do forgive but do not forget. But in truth, forgiveness isn’t really about the offender.