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Moringa: The power-packed plant

This little wonder plant is popular around the globe, especially in impoverished areas such as Thailand, Malawi, Senegal, and India where it’s used as a nutritional supplement. One great thing about moringa […]


Texas school triples playground time in an effort to solve ADHD

Proving once again that medication is not the answer to getting inattentive kids to perform well in school, four Fort Worth area public schools are finding success with the LiiNK program. This revolutionary approach to schooling and counteracting ADHD is based on the idea that offering kids more unstructured play can help them focus and perform better in the classroom.

NYC public schools dump Kellogg’s “junk” cereals, replace with organic brand

As healthy eating habits continue to take the country by storm, the New York City public school system has recently made waves by replacing some of their Kellogg’s brand cereals with a healthier alternative. Back to the Roots brand cereal, which is created by a small company from California, will be taking Kellogg’s place on school breakfast trays around the city.