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Florida Sheriff tells citizens: Arm up and “prepare for war”

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey published a video on Facebook last week urging civilians to make sure they can properly defend themselves in the event that war breaks out. The five-minute long clip, which has quickly gone viral not only on Facebook but all across the Internet, was posted in response to the deadly workplace shooting that occurred just two days prior in nearby Orlando.

Corporate Media Just Exposed CIA Using Prostitutes To Drug Victims With LSD For Mind Control Studies

Your government will, indeed, perform experiments on you if it so chooses, and while some are undertaken with Nazi-esque malevolence — like the atrocities committed in the Tuskegee Study, a 40-year operation infecting innocent Black men with syphilis — others, like Midnight Climax, out the State’s utterly twisted flirtation with mind control.

Aborted Human DNA And Fetal Calf Blood Are Ingredients In Children’s Vaccines

Aside from the looming threat of the loss of medical freedom in regards to vaccination, what should truly frighten parents is the fact that there has never been a single safety study conducted on the inter-relationship between multiple vaccines, nor has there ever been a single safety study as far as the combination of ingredients in the vaccines themselves.

Why Elon Musk is a fast talking hustler who preys upon scientifically illiterate bureaucrats to siphon billions of dollars from taxpayers

It is estimated that since their respective launches, Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX have together benefited from an estimated $4.9 billion in government welfare payments. This means that everyday working folks are having a portion of their hard-earned wages handed over to Musk so he can pump out more Model S electric sedans, for instance, which typically sell to buyers who, on average, boast household incomes of about $320,000.

Islamic burqas make women vitamin D deficient, achieving yet another way that Islam demeans and harms women

The strict religious doctrine that many Muslims live by is physically unhealthy and abusive toward women. Research now shows that Islamic burqas are restricting Muslim women from getting adequate vitamin D from the sun, which suppresses their immune system. Lack of vitamin D in children causes rickets and severe bone pain in adults. This makes Vitamin D supplementation very important for Muslim women who are restricted from exposing their body and face to natural sunlight.