Facebook advertising is booming online as the profits it offers to the advertisers is quite huge. Facebook ad spy tools have eventually brought down the pressure & insecurity of investing in social media ads. They help you to achieve success beyond several competitions available on the market, and AdSpy is the most reputed one among those tools. Before you proceed, check out our exclusive limited time $150 AdSpy Coupon available only here! Make the most out of AdSpy by claiming this offer.

AdSpy + AdSpy Coupon Code

AdSpy is the world’s biggest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. It consists of more than 94 million ads across 203 countries in the world. It serves as an effective way to spy on your competitors’ best performing ads.

Getting started with AdSpy is hassle-free. Redeem our exclusive $150 AdSpy Coupon Code to save more on its subscription. AdSpy has taken the search to a new level. Adspy will analyze everything about your competitors. At the end of the day, you can arm yourself with the info of which countries they get the most engagement from, influencers who are mostly sharing their content, the pages that the majority of their buyers come from, and so on.

Though AdSpy seems to be the best Facebook ad spy tool, certain other AdSpy alternatives perform equally to AdSpy. Let’s see them below.

Best 3 AdSpy Alternatives

  • PowerAdSpy
  • BigSpy
  • Social Ad Scout



PowerAdSpy is a noteworthy AdSpy alternative on our list. It is an ad monitoring tool that can track ads across six social platforms namely Facebook, Google, Native, YouTube, GDN, and Instagram. It can also track ads on the Shopify eCommerce platform, and as a result, PowerAdSpy has more coverage than AdSpy. However, in terms of coverage, AdSpy has an edge.

While PowerAdSpy has a database that contains ads from over 15 countries, AdSpy collects social media ads from 203 countries. Unlike AdSpy, PowerAdSpy delivers analytics with real-time visibility so that you can analyze live ad posts and view audience engagements in real-time.

PowerAdSpy is recommended as an alternative to AdSpy not just because of its unique features but majorly because it covers more social media platforms than AdSpy. Not to mention, it has flexible pricing options.



BigSpy is a platform for spying ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google, and Yahoo. With over 300,000 users, BigSpy is a relatively popular AdSpy alternative. Moreover, BigSpy has an extensive ad database with up to 650 million ad creatives and 1 billion ads.

BigSpy incorporates unique user tracking functionality, allows you to spy on your competitors’ top affiliate ads, provides in-depth analytics for all tracked ads, and so on. Hence, it’s a good alternative, and the available features are worthwhile too. Besides, BigSpy has more affordable pricing plans than AdSpy.

Social Ad Scout

As its name implies, it is a tool for scouting ads on social media platforms, just like AdSpy. Unlike AdSpy that can track social media ads in 203 countries, Social Ad Scout can track social ads in only 21 countries. However, it has a relatively fast search engine such that results are delivered in milliseconds.

With Social Ad Scout, you can discover ads based on device type, whether mobile or desktop. That way, you can identify the devices for your advertisement focus. Apart from spying on social media ads, this Adspy alternative also provides links to actual ads so that you can view the ads on their originating source.

Social Ad Scout has more ad spying features compared to AdSpy; hence, you can do more with Social Ad Scout. Furthermore, you get more flexible pricing plans with Social Ad Scout.