Fentanyl Found Smuggled Inside Frozen Fish Filets


Police discovered a lethal haul of the synthetic painkiller fentanyl smuggled inside a package of frozen fish filets while conducting surveillance in New York City.

Detectives were conducting a drug trafficking investigation in the Bronx Feb. 1 when they spotted Johnny de Los Santos-Martinez in a white 2017 Acura MDX with two boxes in the back seat. After obtaining a search warrant police stopped the vehicle, discovering two coolers full of fish, chili and narcotics, reports ABC News.

One cooler contained two brick-shaped packages wrapped in green plastic hidden with frozen fish filets, as well as a vacuum sealed bag of chili with a brick-shaped package inside. The second cooler also contained frozen fish with another brick-shaped package inside. Officers suspected the substance was cocaine, but tests revealed it was much more deadly.



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Categories: Crime