Month: February 2018

U.S. Embassy in Montenegro attacked by suicide bomber

The U.S. Embassy in Montenegro was hit by a grenade-wielding suicide attacker early Thursday morning, causing the facility to tell Americans to stay away and avoid crowds.


New flexible lithium ion battery flexes like a spine; may revolutionize wearable electronics

With the emergence of flexible — as in bendable — consumer electronic devices like smartphones and smartwatches, the demand has increased for similarly flexible high-performance batteries. This was the main motivation behind a study conducted by researchers from Columbia University, who now claim that they have successfully created a remarkably flexible, high energy density battery that’s based on the shape of the human spine. It’s the topic of a new research paper titled, “Bio-inspired, spine-like flexible rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with high energy density,” which was published recently in the journal Advanced Materials.

Some Very Strange Facts About Gun Control Poster Boy – FBI Connection, Caught Rehearsing Lines, And CNN VIP Long Before Florida Shootings

Liberals are having a field day criticizing some conservative media outlets for highlighting some very strange facts about the liberal media’s new favorite poster boy for gun control, but the problem is, much of the information is so suspicious that to not highlight the facts would be negligent.

Scientists Reverse Age of White Blood Cells In Human to 20 Years Younger

Elizabeth Parris, the CEO of Bioviva USA Inc, has become the very first human being to successfully, from a biological standpoint, reverse the age of her white blood cells, thanks to her own company’s experimental therapies. Bioviva utilizes intramural and extramural peer-reviewed research to create therapies for age-related diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart-disease), and now, they have reversed 20 years of ‘telomere shortening’ in a human for the first time.