Sheriff Joe Not Backing Down On Obama’s Birth Certificate


Arizona Republican Senate candidate Joe Arpaio is continuing his crusade against former President Barack Obama, insisting once again during a Wednesday radio interview that the Hawaiian-born Democrat forged his birth certificate to conceal his immigrant identity.

The brash former sheriff announced his candidacy Tuesday, but said he won’t let his political ambitions prevent him from speaking out on what he believes to be a scandal permeating the highest levels of government.

“I’m not gonna back down on this. I don’t care if I lose elections or anything,” Arpaio told WABC Radio Hosts Rita Cosby and Curtis Sliwa Wednesday. “I’m going to tell you again that that document is a forgery … I want to get it to Congress. I want to get it to Congress so they can pass some type of law, regulation, that when somebody runs for president, you oughta check their background, so this won’t happen again.”



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