Camel’s milk found to restore insulin activity in diabetics, making it a natural treatment for the disease


The researchers studied 75 male albino rats that were divided into five equal groups. The scientists designated two groups as either negative or positive diabetes controls. The team also gave two other groups camel milk, while the last group was given the diabetes drug metformin. The experts supplemented the rats with camel milk for two consecutive months. The research team then ran a series of assays to examine the animals’ serum glucose, leptin, and insulin levels as well as liver, kidney and lipid profile.

The results revealed that diabetic rats given camel milk exhibited a decline in glucose levels compared with the controls. The researchers explained that the changes in glucose levels were associated with the increase in insulin secretion among rats given camel milk. The findings also showed that camel milk supplementation helped increase leptin levels and improve peripheral glucose utilization and homeostasis in treated rats.



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Categories: Wellness