If Hillary Clinton Is Not Prosecuted, You Know America’s Justice Dep. Is Bogus & Entirely Special-Interest Based


What is wrong with the Justice Department? It seems as if they won’t do their job. We have an overwhelming amount of evidence against the Clintons, Sean Hannity laid it out the other day on his show. Yet, nothing is done, and when questioned, Jeff Sessions gives this bullshit excuse about “facts.”

Let’s talk about facts. Sessions must not know anything about facts being that it is obvious he is ignoring the facts we have about the Clintons and he is continually going after medical marijuana clinics. I bring up medical marijuana because the fight against it is NOT fact based, it is MONEY based. Isn’t this a load of crap? I mean, lets talk about the marijuana thing for a second, you can go to almost any store, buy some Tylenol and kill yourself by overdosing, yet you cannot die from a marijuana overdose. Something isn’t adding up here. Yet ignorant Jeff Sessions is barking about facts when questioned about the Clintons, THIS MUST BE A JOKE, but it isn’t. It makes you think though, how much is Sessions in bed with big pharma & is he connected to the Clintons somehow? If the Clintons have enough pull to have got Comey to go along with their program, makes you wonder if they have their slimy hands on Sessions somehow.

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