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Iraqi man killed by cousins for accepting Christ, wife continues to share the gospel


As Nabil turned to leave, the officer said, “Hey, brother, anytime you come to Baghdad Airport remember you have a brother here – his name’s Muhammed.” Then he comes over and whispers: “I’m your brother in Christ.” As Nabil starts crying, Muhammed reveals that his wife has also turned to Christ.

After this Nabil took his phone number and the two became close friends, although Nabil is not allowed to call Muhammed but has to wait for his call.

“One day he called me and said he was sad that his mother is going to hell so ‘please pray for my family.’ I promised to pray and said, ‘be wise because this is dangerous,’” Nabil says.

“After six weeks, he didn’t call me and I was worried. Then I received a call at one o’clock after midnight and I said ‘where are you?’ And nobody answered. I just closed the phone and I start praying for my friend. After ten minutes, he called again and I heard a woman talking. She said ‘my name is Sanar – I’m Muhammed’s wife.’ And she was crying. She said, ‘Muhammed passed away.’ I couldn’t believe it.”



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