The Importance of Social Media, Why Politicians Should Be Using & ‘Dominating’ All Platforms, POTUS ahead of-the-game


Social media is amazing and we all know that. Social media, especially Twitter, can be used to spread a message very effectively, very quickly. This is all obvious but what I’m getting at is, the fact that politicians are ‘for the people’, and social media is what most of the people in our society use, it makes sense for politicians to use social media for engagement, especially if they want to get ahead and spread a message.

If you’re a politician and you’ve bashed the POTUS for using Twitter, you ought to beIMG_8950 ashamed of your dumb-self. Here we have 71 year-old President Trump using one of the best methods of communication and these other politician people are just farting around bitching about nonsense while NOT engaging with the people. When, they in-fact are supposed to be working ‘for the people.’

Politicians should be using all platforms and dominating them. Let me clarify something quick, when I say using all platforms, I mean really personally using the platforms to engage with the people, not just posting dumb sayings about what you’re doing or promoting some fake photo opp. We are smarter than that, well, most people are. That is also one reason why AI will never truly dominate, we will go into that another time. Nonetheless, the politicians using social media will continue to always be ahead. Welcome to the future.

One more thing, when the future catches up to itself and everyone is using social platforms and everyone is plugged-in, well, let’s just say things sure will be interesting…

– The Daily Informer


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