Part 1: Democrat Lyin’s, Chinese Tigers and Russian Bears, Oh My!

To judge from recent headlines, the Democrats are just petrified of the Russians. So much so, in fact, that both Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters have been deprived of the ability to speak clearly. You will please note, dear reader, that I did not write “think clearly” for this is a power I doubt either ever really possessed.

Hardly a day can go by without some new charge of collusion, Russian hacking or so-and-so being a Russian agent. Usually, but not always, the claim is more ridiculous and less likely than the one from the day before. We are expected to believe by the NeverTrump Soros-bought crowd and their parrots that somehow Vladimir Putin has a vested interest in the United States having a strong middle class, a small business revival and increased investment in American infrastructure. We are told over and over that despite Hillary Clinton’s brilliant campaign message – “He’s a big meanie and I have a vagina! Forget about all those dead people and shady deals!” – being soundly rejected by the racist, sexist, bigoted, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, voters, Trump could still never have won if not for those darn Russians confusing people so much that even the guy who shot Seth Rich in the back forgot to rob him.

Russophobia from the Democratic Party comes as a something of a surprise to anyone who can remember the 20th Century or who thinks that there’s anything about everyday Americans that the Democratic Party doesn’t hate except for their gullibility and short attention spans. For quite a while there it seemed that, as far as the Democrats were concerned, the Russians were just wonderful folks whom we should all try harder to get along with. The big difference being that, back then, the Russians were calling themselves “Communist” whereas now they call themselves “Christian”.

50 Years Ago is NOT “Ancient History”

Back in 1933, proud Democrat William Duranty, of the proudly Democratic New York Times, reported of Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union “Any report of famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda.” The Times will defend that Pulitzer Prize winning reporter to this day.

And, to be fair, there was no actual famine since there was plenty of food available but nonetheless, by the time he wrote those lies at least 3 million people had died of politically expedient starvation. And at least half the dead were Ukrainians, so, again, the report isn’t exactly wrong – it just isn’t right either.

During World War II, Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt – better known as “Saint FDR” to people who mostly claim to be atheists and use his initials because they would misspell his name – regaled us with fireside chats that frequently included a shout out to kindly “Uncle Joe” Stalin, our partner in the fight against fascism. Even now, very few Democrats will admit that Stalin killed at least two and a half times as many people as Hitler did. And that’s the Soviet estimate. Which is a lot like Hitler saying “Holocaust? What are you talking about? Sure, it was uncomfortable. And, maybe, some Jews might have been injured during the resettlement but I think overall, everybody is pretty happy”.

In the 1950s Democratic commissars, I mean “law makers”, did their best to paint Senator Joe McCarthy in a bad light – an activity Joe McCarthy had pretty well covered already – because of his “allegations” that our government agencies and even Hollywood were riddled with agents of the communists. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain declassified Russian intelligence material from the Cold War Era proves that McCarthy was wrong in telling the big fish from the little fish, but there were certainly plenty of Reds swimming in the swamp along with the usual freelance socialists and foreign pay-triot opportunists.

Then there was “The 60’s” – soon to be a registered trademark – when many budding young Democrats bravely protested the war in Viet Nam. They didn’t want to fight a war against Soviet Russian backed communist ideology in south-eastern Asia to fatten the profit margins of General Electric and Bell Helicopter. Especially since they were busy promoting Soviet Russian backed communist ideology in south-western California because they knew they were way too dumb and lazy to get jobs at General Electric or Bell Helicopter.

All through the 1970s Democrats mocked others as “alarmist” whenever someone pointed out that the Russian Bear and his Warsaw Pact puppet-slaves had 25,000 tanks and 40,000 artillery guns in eastern Europe all pointed west. After all, this was a cuddly communist bear, all warm and fuzzy. It was probably just startled when NATO moved suddenly or something. And why is it building all those new ICBMs, each capable of dropping eight 1 megaton warheads on somebody six thousand miles away? Well those are purely defensive in nature.

The 80s followed in due time and the Soviet Union, like all empires inevitably do, went insane. The Russians decided that they wanted their own Viet Nam, since ours had gone so well in terms of residual income streams, TV plot devices and spin-off sales, and invaded Afghanistan. Yup. The same place that killed Alexander the Great and where the British Empire got their butts kicked twice. As if that bit of idiocy wasn’t enough, the Soviet princes and dukes communist party officials decided to lie a little less about the rest of the world. Young Russians were stunned to discover that clothing could come in more than the 8 approved colors, that store shelves were supposed to be full of products instead of three-quarters empty and that, to their disappointment, rock and roll music did not immediately turn them into little sex crazed maniacs humping like aphrodisiac-dosed bunny rabbits on every unoccupied horizontal surface – they were still just little sex crazed maniacs who were too self-conscious and awkward to talk to their crushes without suffering a mild panic attack exactly like teenagers everywhere else, only a little colder than most.

By 1990, Afghanistan and trying to keep up with the Reagans had pretty much turned the Russians off of communism and that turned the Democrats off the Russian Bear. They had found a new pet on which to focus that love they most certainly didn’t feel for their own country: The Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China.

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– Comrade X


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