Lack of sleep said to be health time bomb, the “next sugar”


If worry, anxiety, excessive social activity, family responsibilities and/or a demanding work schedule, or any other variable consistently keeps you from sleeping, the price you pay may be steep, according to a report in The Telegraph. “Long-term acting against the clock,” says Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University, “can lead to serious health problems,” including type -2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer.

At first glance, it may be difficult to attribute a potential for serious illnesses to simply not having enough sleep. Keep in mind that each individual has a different sleep requirement, and it doesn’t necessarily fit into the well known adage about getting eight hours. But if your body requires seven hours each night to regenerate, and you’re only getting five, the repercussions can be swift. Studies have indicated that the loss of sufficient sleep for just one night “quadruples your chances of getting a cold.” Dr. Neil Gold, a sleep consultant, says the lack of shut eye “suppresses immunity.” And that’s not all. Other effects include poorer concentration, a slower reaction time, an increase of appetite and even less compassion.



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