WFB 2016 Man of the Year: Colin Powell


Almost a year before Donald Trump started down that escalator embarking on a crusade to shatter political correctness, there was another brave soul willing to tell it like it is: Colin Powell, who was expressing his thoughts about Hillary Clinton with candor.

While the media and Clinton’s acolytes clamor on about “fake news,” James Comey, and the Russians to explain Clinton’s defeat, they could have just listened to their friend, Colin. In one email he perfectly articulated Clinton’s flaws, all of which added up to a reasonable explanation for her election loss.

The fact-checkers failed to do due diligence on Powell’s remarks. “Long track record” of scandals and baggage? Check. “Unbridled ambition”? Check. “Greedy”? Check. “Not transformational”? Check. “A husband still dicking bimbos”? Check. Check. Check.

Powell wasn’t finished with his truth telling, either. In another hacked email we learned “everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.” He also chimed in about Clinton’s health.

While Trump is getting credit for striking a big blow to political correctness this election season, Powell should not be forgotten. And he won’t be by the Washington Free Beacon, who is honored to have him as a Man of the Year.


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