3 Strategies The Clinton’s Designed to Steal the Election

Strategy #1: Smear Donald Trump with Fake Sexual Allegation

The Clinton’s are using the age old strategy that has been used against them, namely smear Donald Trump with false allegations. Nine women have SUDDENLY APPEARED ON THE EVE OF THE ELECTION TO MAKE SEXUAL ABUSE ALLEGATIONs AGAINST DONALD TRUMP.

There is no proof, there is not one verified witness. Not one of these women filed a police report when the alleged event happened, Not one of these women was angry enough, or greedy enough, to file a civil suit. If their case would have had any merit, whatsoever, they would have had at minimum an opportunity to obtain a lucrative out of court settlement. Now, we are supposed to believe the fiction that their only concern is for the welfare of the country?

This strategy, like the piling on strategy employed by the elite GOP during the primary elections backfired, and this is backfiring as well.

Strategy #2: Discourage Trump Supporters from Voting With Rigged Polls

We need to begin to educate Trump supporters, far and wide, that the polls have a very poor track record of being correct. Even the MSM entity, US News, vilifies the use of polls in accurately predicting election results.

Americans must be careful to not put any stock into public opinion polls. If America is survive any length of time, Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed to occupy the White House. Whether you like him or not, Trump will slow down the process of the globalist takeover of America. He is the only option to the immediate and complete tyrannical takeover of America. We must be careful to not let phony polling results influence our perceptions and efforts in supporting Donald Trump. Most of all, Trump supporters must allow themselves to be discouraged from voting. turn the MSM off, it is only filled with propaganda and intellectual posion.

Strategy #3: Bribe the Electoral College Voters

I recently had a conversation with a person who was associated with ARSOF at the highest levels. He told me it is their business to know the political trends in America so they can best anticipate implications to their budgets and policies should the political winds shift.

I was told by this person that Trump, right now, has the support of 65% of the voters who are mostly likely to vote. However, one of the biggest challenges to a Trump victory are corrupt electoral voters who have been bought off with Clinton Foundation under-the-table-bribe money.

I asked this person what could be done? He reminded me of how the Stamp Act tax collectors were chased down the street and tarred and feathered in pre-revolutionary war America. I told him I could not advocate for violence and he said you don’t have to. He said that these people will have business interests, or close family relatives will. He said make it known that the Independent Media will publish these interests should these electors vote against the will of the people.

As I have found out, there is a concerted effort by an unknown force that is reaching out to electors and telling them exactly what is going to happen should they vote against the will of the people. How do I know? I was speaking to a former Republican political figure in Arizona this weekend and they told me that they personally knew of electors who have already been threatened along these lines and they are having second thoughts about their role in their upcoming vote. This revelation speaks to the fact that there is distinct collusion between the Clinton Foundation and the electoral college voters. Are we surprised? My message to these would be criminals, there will nowhere that your assets can run and hide after the election. Corrupt electors will become the economic Brown Shirts of the Clinton Foundation. Although I cannot advocate for violent action, I have no compunction in recommending economic consequences to electors who accept bribes in any fashion.


Justice Scalia’s murder will soon be back in the public’s eye. How do I know? Let’s just say that some very prominent people are working behind the scenes to expose the real reason why Scalia was murdered and it ties into Clinton interests. This information will be out soon.

Further, we need to concern ourselves with a fourth strategy related to how the Clinton are trying to steal the election and it has to do with George Soros. I am presently compiling information and have been disseminating it to friends and colleagues. This, too,will surface from multiple sources. From this little investigation, I have learned how pervasive in its influence the Clinton Foundation has become. They are far bigger than anyone of us could have originally imagined. It is all coming out as I write these words.


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