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BREAKING: Google Blocks Keyword “gun rights”…

Well isn’t this interesting. Upon setting up Google AdWords for this website, Google asked me to input some “keywords”, keywords are search terms that may trigger the ad to appear next to the search results.

I entered as many keywords pertaining to the website as I could think of. SURPRISE-SURPRISE, Google didn’t like one of the keywords I entered. Could you imagine which keyword that could be? Lo and behold, its “gun rights”.

Google won’t allow our website, (which links to articles pertaining to constitutional rights), to show up when someone types “gun rights” in the Google search engine…

Yet again, we have more evidence of Google being influenced by people with a specific agenda.

Sidenote: Remember, WikiLeaks exposed Hillary’s plan to restrict guns by EXECUTIVE ORDER.

[10:42 PM EST. 10/23/16] UPDATE: I REMOVED THE KEYWORD “gun rights” AND MOVED FORWARD. It’s interesting how Google won’t allow “gun rights” as a keyword, especially when the website is considerably constitutional. Try it yourself. Go to and setup a mock campaign.