Marijuana Has the Potential to Cure These 7 Types of Cancer

As the years progress, marijuana has been shying away from their known Schedule I drug category. The once tabooed plant is being accepted by many medical professionals across the country because of their studied, and proven, medical benefits. Multiple states across the United States have legalized the medical use of marijuana, while a few states have gone so far as to legalize recreational use. Along with the United States, many countries have also been accepting marijuana for medical use.

Cannabinoids, which are found in hemp and cannabis, have a great impact on rebuilding the immune system, and have been proven to reduce cancer cells. It is important to note that not all strains of cannabis carry the same effect; and that it is more effective for medicinal purposes when consumed, rather than smoked.

1. Oral Cancer

2. Brain Cancer

3. Lung Cancer

4. Breast Cancer

5. Pancreatic Cancer

6. Prostate Cancer

7. Liver Cancer



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