Donald Trump believes in health freedom, not government dictates

Millions of Americans have convinced themselves they don’t really have much of a choice for president this election, but when it comes to health freedom and the right to choose medicinal treatments, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton co-owned and is co-opted by the same corporate medicine interest groups that have been denying us the right to choose alternative treatments, cannabis and naturopathic health solutions. While the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, is not. In fact, he has made it a point throughout his campaign to remind voters that his candidacy has not been bought and paid for with corporate dollars – especially not from Big Pharma or Big Medicine.

For her part, Clinton has pretended that she will “rein in” Big Pharma companies that have a tendency to overcharge patients. In this briefing from September 2015, Clinton lamented drug company profits ($80-$90 billion annually) and said she “believes that we need to hold drug companies accountable to lower drug costs for Americans.”



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