Magnesium: Sleep Aid, Muscle Relaxant, Brain Booster and More

For how little the mineral magnesium is discussed, you might think it’s not all that important to the our health and well being. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Once you start to understand the important role of magnesium as it relates to overall mood and cognitive function, as well as the basic metabolic functions of the body, you’ll definitely want to start including a magnesium spray or magnesium salt soaks (epsom salts) in your routine.

How to get your daily dose of magnesium:

It can be found most abundantly in darker leafy greens and vegetables, nuts and legumes. However, even if you do eat this type of food every day, there is some evidence that magnesium is simply more effectively absorbed by the body when it is transdermally (through the skin) absorbed.


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