Student suspended after taking a photo of her school’s dirty water

Many people and organizations seem to love a good whistleblower, until it is one of them that is being exposed for alleged wrongdoing. That may be the case with officials at Hazel Juco’s Westland, Mich., high school.

When the senior at John Glenn High School snapped a picture of water that looked more like urine, then posted it on Facebook and Twitter, she was suspended the next day, CNN reported.

“I just took a picture of it. And then in my newspaper class I talked about it with them,” she said, as reported by WXYZ. She was understandably concerned about the quality of the water and whether it was safe to drink (probably not). She added that she posted the photo because she felt sure that her school would not have the funding to fix such problems, and she thought it might spur someone in the public to help out.


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