‘The exhaustion and the fatigue of Hillary Clinton’

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign manager said Thursday that the GOP nominee will show during Monday’s first debate that he’s ready to lead America away from the “exhaustion and fatigue of Hillary Clinton.”

“Mr. Trump’s goal in the first debate is to win and to show Americans what he showed them in the earlier NBC commander in chief forum, which is he’s ready on day one to lead as their commander in chief and as the president of the United States, why he is the best person to lead the country forward to break from the past and its failed policies, and really to move on from the exhaustion and the fatigue of Hillary Clinton,” Kellyanne Conway told NPR.

Her remarks are just the latest hint that the Trump campaign wants to remind voters about Clinton’s health struggles on the campaign trail.

Trump told Fox News Thursday that “there’s something going on” with Clinton that the American people would discover at the debate. He did not specify whether he was referring to her health.


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