Illegal spraying of Monsanto’s herbicide destroying crops nationwide

Farmers in 10 states have now reported damage to their crops as result of other farmers illegally spraying dicamba on newly approved genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The new GMO cotton and soybeans are able to withstand application of a chemical cocktail made from dicamba and glyphosate, the ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup.

Monsanto designed the seeds for use alongside the dicamba/glyphosate combo, however, while the GMOs have been approved, the new herbicide has not. National Public Radio (NPR) reports that in essence, Monsanto “gave farmers a new weed-killing tool that they couldn’t legally use.”

But farmers are using it, and it’s destroying the crops of other farmers who aren’t growing the newly approved GMOs. Not only is dicamba more toxic than Roundup, but it’s also more prone to drifting.


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