Russia Kicks Pornhub to the Curb, Trump Gets the Blame

It’s no secret that Russia has become the go-to scapegoat for problems that ail the Democratic Party. Rather than address the substance of DNC hacks revealing the party’s cronyism and preference for Hillary Clinton over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, officials have shamelessly accused Russia of being behind the cyberattack, without any evidence.

But the “Russian boogeyman” narrative extends beyond the DNC. The mainstream media has also jumped on the bandwagon. In an article for the Washington Post, forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu went so far as to suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin was responsible for Clinton’s pneumonia spell.

Now Politico and Foreign Policy writer Julia Ioffe has seized on Russia’s recent decision to ban adult entertainment site Pornhub as an excuse to taunt Clinton’s political rival, Donald Trump.


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