‘Send Them Back to Libya’: EU Deputies Propose New Solution to Illegal Migration

The EU countries are seeking alternatives to the fragile migrant deal with Turkey, which both parties have threatened to break since it was reached in March.

The European People’s Party (EPP), a center-right coalition in the European Parliament, has proposed reaching an agreement with the North African countries which many migrants and refugees depart when they cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe.

“To stop the uncontrollable flow of refugees into European countries, we have to change our migration policy. One possibility is to close direct access to EU countries, and send the refugees to a third country,” a source in the EPP told Izvestiya.

“These countries should be those which these people are coming from. It is crucial to restore peace there. The Spanish parliament has already approved returning refugees who arrive there back to Morocco. We need to establish a similar mechanism with North African countries.”


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