The left has been so desperate in trying to defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that it has gone to such far reaches, including claims of racism, xenophobia, and Antisemitism in order to stop him.

Is Trump racist? Is Trump a xenophobe? Probably not. If there is one thing that we can be sure of however, Trump does not hold any grudges against the Jewish people.

During the early days of Donald Trump, the New York billionaire was out building a name for himself. He was building skyscrapers, expanding his almighty real estate business to great heights (literally), and living the too good rich life. Despite being one of New York’s wealthiest businessman, he never forgot his father’s roots. He was a man of the people. He was admired by New Yorkers and people from all over.

Those who forgot who the early Donald Trump was are people who pay too close attention to Mr. Trump’s recent comments on immigration during his presidential campaign, or mean things that he has said to an overweight Rosie O’Donnell. Donald Trump has always been an admirable person, whether you admire him from his days of ‘The Art Of The Deal‘, or his presidential campaign of the present. To say it simply, Donald Trump has been somebody that Adolf Hitler never was; admirable.

In 1988, Rabbi Harold Ten and his wife Judy were suffering from a family crisis. Their son, Andrew, who was only three years old, was suffering from a deadly breathing illness. The Jewish family were denied entry to flights around LaGuardia, because Andrew required breathing equipment to survive, which carriers would not allow aboard the plane.

At the last minute, the family came up with a hail mary of an idea; let’s call Donald Trump, the business mogul. They asked him if they could take his jet for transport to Los Angeles.

He didn’t hesitate.

“Yes, I’ll send my plane out.”

One of the busiest men in the world, and a national celebrity taking the time to help out a family in need, and without national attention? That could only be the work of Donald Trump.

Trump saved Andrew in the short-term, but unfortunately, his long-term health remained depleted. In 1998, Andrew died from his mysterious illness, but the Ten family will likely see Mr. Trump’s selfless actions as a sign of a true leader who has a real big heart for his people.


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