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Deadly Floods Hit North Korea, Eastern China and the Russian Far East

Deadly typhoon Lionrock has continued to cause havoc along the west coast of the North Pacific after killing 30 people in Japan earlier this week.

In North Korea the Red Cross reports that more than 300mm of rain were reported between 29 and 31 August, causing flooding of the Tumen River and its branches in this region around the Chinese- North Korea border.

Reports indicate that Hoeryong City is greatly affected with over 2,000 houses inundated or submerged and over 1,000 houses completely destroyed.

The Red Cross reported ten deaths, with a further 15 people still missing. Unconfirmed reports indicated that 17,182 households have been affected by the floods. It is estimated that more than 9,088 houses have been damaged, and over 8,094 houses destroyed. Up to 44,009 people are reported to be displaced.


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