Pence: Trump’s immigration speech will be ‘historic’ and says last-minute trip to Mexico shows ‘the kind of president’ he’ll be

Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence on Wednesday hailed his running mate’s surprise visit to Mexico, saying it provides a glimpse of the ‘kind of president’ he’ll be.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto made the invitation only Friday, and Trump decided to rework his schedule on the day he is to deliver a major speech finally laying out his immigration policy that Pence called ‘historic.’

He hailed Trump as someone who ‘drops what he’s doing’ and ‘heads down to Mexico’ to start a relationship with a world leader.

‘I don’t know where Hillary Clinton is. I heard she’s going to Cincinnati today but I think the American people can see quite a contrast between Donald Trump – who gets an invitation from a world leader, drops what he’s doing even with a major speech tonight – and heads down to Mexico to sit down with the president of that country to begin a conversation about how we move the interests of the American people forward and how we work with our neighbors in a more constructive and effective way,’ Pence told CNN’s ‘New Day.’


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