Kratom Now Schedule 1: Cartel Sex Scandal Shamed DEA Suppresses Herb Imports

What gives a government the right to use force against people for consuming an herb or substance?

In my humble opinion, nothing gives the state or anyone that right. After decades of the drug war in the United States and all over the world, it’s abundantly, obscenely clear that people should have a right to consume what they will, and the law doesn’t stop people either way.

Despite all of this, the consistently criminal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) essentially declared martial law on kratom yesterday, placing it into an “emergency” Schedule 1 classification: the same classification heroin is placed under.

After the head of DEA Michele M. Leonhart was forced to step down over ascandal involving cartel supplied prostitutes in Columbia, how could anyone consider their authority legitimate, even if one believes the government should be able to regulate what we consume?


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