EXPOSED: Department Of Defense Lets Workers Use Govt. Credit Cards at Strip Clubs, Casinos

More than a year after a federal audit revealed that Department of Defense (DOD) employees made millions of dollars in personal charges—including at casinos and strip clubs—on their government-issued credit cards, no action has been taken to stop the criminal behavior. Pentagon officials have done nothing to crack down on the abuse, instead allowing cardholders to keep sticking it to taxpayers by continuing to use the government credit cards at gambling and adult entertainment establishments.

The outrageous details are available in a scathing DOD Inspector General report made public this week. As a follow up to a 2015 investigation, the Pentagon watchdog analyzed 30 service members and civilians it had previously identified for credit card misuse. More than a year later the majority of the offenders still billed Uncle Sam for over $8,000 in charges at strip club or casinos, the new probe found.“We determined that DoD management (cardholder’s commander or supervisor) and travel card officials did not take appropriate action when notified by the DoD OIG, during the previous audit, that cardholders had potentially misused their travel card,” the IG writes. “Specifically, DoD management and travel card officials did not perform adequate reviews for the cardholders reviewed and did not take action to eliminate additional misuse.”


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