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Hillary Clinton taking rat poison as a prescription drug … plus Parkinson’s and narcolepsy medications

Questions about the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continue to swirl, and it’s not because of “deranged conspiracy theories,” as the Clinton campaign has claimed.

Recently released emails by the whistleblower website Wiki Leaks plainly show that Clinton looked into a medication that is used to treat sleepiness and Parkinson’s disease – and is an ingredient in rat poison.

In August 2011, Clinton sent an email to close aide and confidant Cheryl D. Mills that included the text of an article titled, Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?

The writer discusses how people in positions of authority and influence can often incur “decision fatigue,” which can then lead them to be “low on mental energy,” and cause them to “become reckless” while acting “impulsively,” as reported by Info Wars.

In addition, the article notes that decision fatigue could manifest itself in the psyche, and may be why “ordinarily sensible people get angry at colleagues,” something that may help to explain Clinton’s legendary temper tantrums that have sometimes left staffers crying.