Rise in Transgenderism possibly tied to ‘wonder drug’ pushed onto pregnant women

Transgenderism has become the political cause celebre for liberals of late, but there could be another explanation for its rise: Big Pharma and in particular a so-called “wonder drug” that has been pushed on women during the latter half of the 20th century.

As reported by the web site Collective Evolution, DES – a.k.a. diethylstilbestrol – is a synthetic estrogen that was administered to women who were pregnant from 1940 through the early 1970s and was hailed as a wonder medication that prevented morning sickness and miscarriages.

But only after millions of women had been exposed to DES was it discovered that the drug was causing deadly cancers in the women who took it, as well as their unborn children. As noted by the web site TheWonderDrugMovie.com –which is also home to a documentary film that is currently in development– proven effects of exposure to the drug include a rare vaginal cancer in daughters of mothers who took DES; larger risk of developing breast cancer in DES mothers; potential risk of testicular cancer in DES sons; abnormal reproductive organs; high-risk pregnancies (ironically enough); increased infertility; a higher risk of breast cancer in DES daughters after age 40. Suspected side effects may also include auto-immune disorders, but this is undergoing further research and is unproven at this point.

Also, some believe that the drug may be responsible for a rising number of transgendered individuals. A local news report by CBS affiliate WTSP in Tampa Bay/Sarasota, Florida examined this very possibility recently.


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