NFL’s Nightmare: WWE’s Vince McMahon Considers XFL Reboot #WeWantXFL #NFLisDead

With the NFL undergoing a nearly unprecedented decline in ratings, in-game attendance, and overall popularity; a bold and adventurous businessman with lots of resources, could consider launching a rival football league to compete with the NFL.


Mueller “Improperly” Obtained “Tens of Thousands” Of Trump Transition Emails

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has taken possession of “many tens of thousands” of emails from the Trump transition team, obtained through the General Services Administration – the government agency responsible for hosting the transition email system which used a “” address, and which according to a Trump lawyer were improperly obtained through “unlawful conduct.”

Bitcoin billionaires: The digital currency is no bubble

“Money is a network. People believe in the U.S. dollar, it has more value. People believe in bitcoin, it has value. People believe in gold, it has value. And that’s not a linear increase. By definition, the more people that get into bitcoin, it makes it more valuable, and when we try and take like equities or stock bubble-type frameworks to bitcoin, it’s really — it’s misguided, because it’s a network, it’s not a company,” Cameron said during an interview on FOX Business’ “Wall Street Week.”